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Final Field Guide Ulovane Update
My name is Nkosinathi, from Amakhala Game Reserve. I have just completed the Apprentice Field Guide course with Ulovane.
On the first day, I met so many new people that instantly became friends for life. We spent the first week focusing on Guiding Skills and Vehicle Skills. We stayed up late almost every evening together studying and getting through our workbooks. I really enjoyed the first week as I learned a lot, especially about Vehicle Skills.

One of my highlights of the course was when we went on a night drive with Schalk, where I sat on the tracker seat. It was the first time we experienced the reserve after the sun had set. It was very exciting being on the tracker seat not knowing what was around the next corner. Another highlight, I was once again on the tracker seat and we had a lion sighting where they were just a mere 15m from the vehicle. I was a bit nervous but Schalk taught me how to handle the situation and stay calm, which made it a very special experience. I also enjoyed botany week where we focused on trees & shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers. We had the opportunity to do a short presentation for our fellow students on the traditional uses and beliefs of different trees which I really enjoyed as I was able to share some of my cultural beliefs.

At Ulovane I learned a lot about teamwork and how to stay strong through difficult times. My confidence to talk in front of people grew a lot during these 10 weeks. The course was really amazing, the people of Ulovane have such good hearts and it really showed throughout my time there. Thanks to Schalk who helped build up my confidence so much during the time he spent with us. Piet pushed me to never give up, to keep my head up and stay strong. I learned a lot from him, especially about birds and tracks.
Everyone treated me as an equal at Ulovane. My English also improved a lot as I have never had to speak so much English before now! I learned how to handle a lot of different stresses at the same time as well as how to take responsibility for my own life.
I discovered a lot this last week, especially about myself. My improvement in my study methods and my overall understanding of all the different subjects has really helped me truly believe that I will be able to move forward confidently within this industry.
Thank you Ulovane, I will miss all the students and staff so much! A big thank you to Schalk, Candice, Pieter, Tatum, Jacques, Simone and Karien. I wish you all the best in your life.

“Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.” ― Roy T. Bennett